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UHF Tag & Reader

Desktop UHF Tag Reader Writer

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Full support in UHF EPC Gen2 electronic tags (IS018000-6G) agreement;
Advanced tag collision processing algorithm, high literacy rate;
Working frequency FCC 902 ~ 928 MHZ, CE 865 ~ 868 WHZ (can be adjusted according to the requirements of different countries or regions);
In frequency hopping spectrum (FHSS) or fixed frequency means of transmission;
Output power: the biggest 17 DBM (adjustable);
Built in sending and receiving antenna, read distance
USB interface in electricity, without external power supply;
Supports USB2.0 interface, virtual serial port works, USB drive way and optional USB keyboard without flooding simulation mode;
Keyboard emulation mode of the output format and parameters can be customized;
Can be set by software responder read card, active card.

Size: 105 x70x11mm
Weight: 80 g
Working temperature: - 10 to 60 ℃
Working humidity: 25 ~ 85%
Working frequency: 865 MHZ to 928 MHZ (to support China, the United States, South Korea, Europe and other frequencies)
Antenna specification: 0 class: : dBi antenna polarization PCB built-in line
Output power: 0-17 DBM
Card read distance: 0-40 cm (and reading environment related) write CARDS: 0-20 cm
Reading speed: 100/1 SEC
Read the card types: IS018000-6 c (EPCCIG2)
Built-in antenna: sure
Built-in speaker: buzzer
Working voltage: USB interface
Working current: less than 200 ma (5 v input) 1 w
Communications: USB drive



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Tel: +086 17092556856

Email: sale@jedreksys.com

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