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UHF Tag & Reader

Embedded UHF Tag Reader Module

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Multiple specifications of antennas, with small module sizes that can be embedded into various devices

Available in small sizes of 0-2 meters, medium sizes of 0-3 meters, and large sizes of 0-6m, 

providing development tools, SDK, and DEMO

European standard UHF (865MHZ-868MHZ); American Standard UHF (902MHZ-928MHZ

Excellent reading performance

 Label identification is sensitive and stable.
 Stable recognition distance of 2-3 meters.(9662 standard Cr80 Card).
 Multi-tag recognition performance: >50 labels.
 Label recognition speed: >50 sheets / sec.
Solve the problem of heat completely

 No external heat sink is required.
 Long-term continuous full-load operation at room temperature does not cause heat.
 Continuous current
 Peak pulse current
Excellent stability

 24 hours x 365 days of work does not crash.
 The performance is affected by external influences such as the outer casing and electromagnetic environment.
 Wide temperature design, the temperature drift coefficient is extremely low.
Excellent consistency

 A model of consistent design.
 All components of the highest grade are selected to ensure stable and consistent parameters.
Simple and efficient hardware and software interface

 The peripheral circuit is extremely simple, single power supply, no external tantalum capacitor. (See Figure 1: Reference Design
Meter circuit).
Installation method

 Support 5pin WAFER installation.

Operating voltage DC 3.5V - 5 V
Standby current <80ma (en high level)>
Sleep state current <100ua (en foot low level)>
Operating current 180mA @ 3.5V (26 dBm Output, 25°C).
110mA @ 3.5V (18 dBm Output, 25°C).
Start time <100ms. >
Operating temperature - 20 °C - + 70 °C
Storage temperature - 20 °C - + 85 °C
Operating humidity < 95% ( + 25 °c) 95%="" (="" +="" 25="">
Air Interface Protocol EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Working spectrum range 840-960MHZ
Work area support US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC
Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208
Mainland China
Output power range 18-26 dBm
Output power accuracy +/- 1dB
Output power flatness +/- 0.2dB
Receive sensitivity < -70dbm>
Inventory label peak speed > 50 sheets / sec
Tag Cache 200 Labels @ 96 bit EPC
Label RSSI support
Communication interface TTL Uart interface
Communication baud rate 115200 bps (default and recommended)
Cooling method Air cooling (no external heat sink required)

Unit: mm

PIN definition
1 GND ground
High level enable module (>1.5V)
2 EN
3 RXD TTL level (3.3V)
TTL level (3.3V)
5 VCC power supply (3-5V) 


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Tel: +086 17092556856

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