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What is 125khz RFID

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    125kHz refers to the frequency range of a commonly used radio frequency (RF) band. It is widely utilized in various applications, particularly in the field of proximity identification and access control systems. 

    The 125kHz frequency is commonly employed for low-frequency RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems. These systems consist of RFID readers and tags that communicate with each other using electromagnetic waves at 125kHz.access control systems, for example, the 125kHz frequency is employed for proximity cards or key fobs. These devices utilize passive RFID technology, where the tag does not require a power source and is activated by the energy provided by the RFID reader. When the card or key fob is brought close to the reader, the reader emits a signal at 125kHz, waking up the tag and allowing for communication and authentication protocols to be exchanged between the reader and the card.

     The 125kHz frequency range offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and compatibility with a wide range of RFID systems. It is commonly used in applications such as building access control, time and attendance systems, and contactless payment solutions.

    Overall, 125kHz plays a vital role in the RFID ecosystem, providing secure and efficient identification and access control solutions across various industries.


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