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RFID Module

RFID 125Khz Long Distance Card Reader Module

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Frequency: 125 KHZ

Antenna inductance: 170 uh

Support the chip: EM4100, TK4100 and Compatible chip

Voltage: 12v (Linear power supply)

The antenna diameter: 13 cm

Interface: RS232/WG26/WG34

Card read distance:

The RFID Card25 mm Coin35 mm CoinCR80 Thick card
distance30 cm38 cm70 cm

Notice:the product only inlcude  13 cm Loop antenna

*Support DIY antenna, need to Prepare inductance meter, when the antenna is A4 Size, CR80 Thick card card read distance up to 100 cm

*Support DIY antenna, need to Prepare inductance meter, when the antenna is A3 Size, CR80 Thick card card read distance up to 130 cm


Phone: +086 17092556856

Tel: +086 17092556856

Email: sale@jedreksys.com

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