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RFID Module

125K Long Range Reader module Arduino

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Separation using industrial-grade components to build reader circuit,item can read EM4100,4001,TK4100,EM4305 125K RF card the card serial number, long time reader performance is stable and reliable. Card read distance far, decoding skills, and low power consumption. Support the 4305 chip that is em-id format.
Output type: TTL, wg26
Output port: the buzzer and the LEDs.
Input voltage: 3.6v-5V
Current: 25mA
Size: 16*24MM
The card reading distance is for reference only and is not guaranteed.Because the card reading distance is related to the test environment and type of card directly.

Card read distance reference tables

Diameter 45mm small circular antenna

 97x97mm square antenna

Nail 9CM

Nail 12CM

Diameter 2.5CM dot card read distance for 11CM

Diameter 2.5CM dot card read distance for 17CM

Diameter 3CM dot card read distance for 14CM

Diameter 3.5CM dot card read distance for 20CM

Cr80 size ordinary ID card for 16CM

Cr80 size ordinary ID card for 23CM

CR80 em4200 Thick card 24CM

CR80 em4200 Thick card 38CM


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Tel: +086 17092556856

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