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Wiegand Converter

Embedded TTL Go Wiegand Converter Moddule

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Embedded Wiegand WG26 / 34 conversion module, small size, easy to embed other devices

As a Wiegand protocol input or output interface of a TTL serial device,

The default support WG26 / 34, TTL interface hexadecimal (HEX) bi-directional input and output,

Communication parameters: 9600, n, 8,1

WG26 I/O 3 bytes HEX

WG34 I/O 4 bytes HEX

Other input and output formats can provide information to customize, not complicated without charge

Support 5V / 12V supply voltage and current


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Phone: +086 17092556856

Tel: +086 17092556856

Email: sale@jedreksys.com

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