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Sensor Module

100Hz 20M TOF High-Speed Laser Ranging Obstacle Avoidance Module

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      This laser radar is a new laser ranging solution for unmanned aerial vehicles, sweeping robots, industrial robots and other fields.

Based on the principle of DTOF ranging, this product has the advantages of small volume, low cost, excellent performance and strong ability to resist ambient light interference, and can be used as an upgrade alternative product in related fields. This product transmits distance information based on UART TTL communication interface, which is simple to use, flexible to install and convenient to expand.

This model adopts a new photoelectric solution, which is very cost-effective.

Product Features

1) direct Time Of Flight

2) measuring distance: 20 meters

3) measurement blind area: 5cm

4) measuring speed: 100Hz

5) measuring range: 20 meters

6) measurement accuracy: 3%

7) Operating temperature:-10 ~ 50℃

8) storage temperature:-20 ~ 70℃

9) power supply: 3.5 ~ 5.5VDC

10) size: 28*20.4 * 13.6mm

11) Weight: 7g

12) anti-ambient light: the range under 100K LUX illumination is not less than 13m

Application scenarios

1) UAV height setting and obstacle avoidance

2) robot obstacle avoidance

3) Industrial Light curtain

4)AGV obstacle avoidance

5) high-speed measurement and safety monitoring in the field of transportation and industrial automation


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Tel: +086 17092556856

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