W70 134.2Khz Long-Distance Card Reader

W70 is a long-distance card reader that supportsEMID、 FDX-AFDX-B (ISO11784/85) format applied to 134.2khz frequency. Its reading distance can exceed 40cm. Its excellent performance mainly includes automatic tuning and digital signal processing. These properties effectively increase the card reading distance and reduce cluttered signal oscillation and interference. This animal tag reader is extremely versatile, especially it can be easily used in animal husbandry management, breeding traceability and other fields

Support cardEMID,FDX-B (ISO11784/85)
communication methodWiegand 26/34, RS232, RS485
Support frequency134.2KHz&125Khz
Sensing distance40cm±5cm (varies according to different labels)
Reading distance<0.5S
Card reading time<0.1s
Power supplyDC+ (7V~12V)
Operating temperature-20℃~55℃
Working humidity<90% without condensation
product materialPVC and sprayed plastic, filled with resin glue (effectively waterproof)
product size260mm×260mm×35mm
Positioning size220mm×220mm
Package Size270mm×285mm×40mm
weightAround 1.5kg
other3 LED indicators + buzzer


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