Wired warter detector water sensor probe detection Leak alarm for Home Security alarm system

Wired warter detector water sensor probe detection Leak alarm for Home Security alarm system

Overview:Isolated floodingAccording to the transmitter occurs after flooding detection electrode impedance change, flooding through a dedicated integrated chip input signal amplification, shaping, compared to output dry contact or high-low signal, indicating the location of the transmitter whether there is water; structure with integrated full-sealed plastic case designed to ensure high reliability of the product. It applies to: communications base stations, hotels, restaurants, precision machine room, library, warehouseAlarm center or control roomAs well as other places in the water alert required. Features: Integrated fully sealed design; power supply, input and output full isolation; high reliability; immunity to interference.Selectable high and low alarm or relay a variety of output mode.


Product Features

.High sensitivity, fast response time, accurate reporting

.Opto-isolated and transformer-isolated, secure and reliable; integrated fully sealed design, safe and easy to use

.The main electrode with a spacer layer, an alarm when the water reaches a certain height, and optional auxiliary electrodes increase the detection range.


Technical Parameters

Power supply: 12V DC(if you need 24v please leave message when you buy)

Operating temperature 0 ° ~ 50 °

Output type Relay (load current 30mA) relay output NC \ NO selectable

Static power consumption

Humidity 20% RH ~ 100% RH false positives rate

High and low output: VL is 0V (+ 0.5V)

Load capacity VH of 5V or 12V (± 0.5V)

Solid State Relays ≤500mA (high current up to 1A, to be customized)

High and low ≥3k NOTE: High-level output at 12V supply voltage should be higher than 16V

Detection Cable: Cable-point sensing probe points, 10cm around uniform



Application features and technical parameters and description:


The flood detector is widely used in the engine room and other indoor environment, ground water condensate detection and other special occasions. The sensor uses fully isolated input power the sensor, should feel the line, completely isolated relay output of three parts. Safe, reliable, beautiful appearance, easy installation.



Terminal Description


The positive terminal of the power supply + 12VDC


The negative terminal of the power supply + 12VDC



Normally open(NO) or normally closed(NC) contact output, set the output format from the J1 factory standard normally open, polarity difference



Flooding detection input, anhydrous, between the two terminals of the resistor is infinite, polarity difference


Package List

1* Water Leak Detector


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