Tiger 911 Auto Telephone Dialer Calling Transfer Tool Fixed Terminal

Tiger 911 Auto Telephone Dialer Calling Transfer Tool Fixed Terminal For Alarm System

(1 PCS) Tiger 911 Auto telephone Dialer Alarm system accessories Calling Transfer Tool Fixed Terminal put in NC NO or voltage

Note:This Dilaer just suitable for PSTN/Program-controlled telephone network cable/DTMF dialing.Not Compatible to the Fibel Optical Telephone wire


Working voltage: DC11V TO 15 v

Static electricity: 20 ma (at DC12V)

Dialing method: audio/pulse, J1 jumper selection

Alarm: N.C., N.O. and voltage signal jumper J2, J3

The recording time: 20 seconds, after power off the phone number, voice is not lost

Phone store telephone number: 4 group, each group may be deposited in the longest 16 digits

Secondary private password: 0-6 private password, remove top three available alarm, as a whole (6) code is used to change the Settings

The factory password: 911 Or 0911


(1) the speaker

(2) the microphone

(3) 7 segment display: to store the number of input, will show the number at the same time

(4) the E4 light: set the E4 number, this goes on

(5) E1 indicator light: setting E1 telephone or mobile phone number, this goes on

( 6) E2 status of E2 telephone or mobile phone number, lamp goes on

(7) E3 indicator light: setting E3 telephone or mobile phone number, this goes on

(13) P button can be for the following purposes:

Can store 6 digit number as a password

When used in automatic return system voice switchboard, can be used as the pause,1 time is stand for 2 sec, 2 times is stand for 4 sec and so on

NC/NO suitable for: Panic button.PIR Motion detector.Smoke Detector.Gas Detector or anything output NC/NO signal

Voltage suitable for Alarm system Bell port


Microcomputer automatic machine for help AUTO - DIALER operating

After startup self-check first:

After self-testing enter the working state, seven segment display of the lower right corner point, if has the information, received the alarm signal the Dialer will alarm, if you want setting or edit setting, do like these steps

To set .view phone number.password and record

1.    Start to programming

First press P then enter personal password (0 to 6) then press Enter

Note: the factory out code is 911

For example: the new machine does not change the password when the state of programming operation is as follows:

P 9 1 1 Enter

If password input the correct display O and then into programming status display5

If password input error display  E, then back to work status, need login a corrected password

2.    setting the first number:

At the state of programming,(display S),for example, the number is 9353399, so like this

E1  9  3  5  3  3  9  9  ENTER

Type in the ENTER of time store number, if it display O, It mean number have been storage

And then returns to S state, if it is display E, said failed to correct,

Machine will return S state, the user can operate again, if you want to remove the first number, When display S you press E1,and then press ENTER

If the dialer will first call telephone switchboard, Do not need switchboard operator,and then auto call extension telephone, such as the extension number is 12,do as below:

E1 9 3 5 3 3 3 9 9 P 1 2 ENTER

Each time you press the P, meaning pause 2 seconds, if  twice, meaning pause 4 seconds

(Store 2, 3, 4,number is the same way like number 1)

3.View the number what you have been setted:

In the condition of programming, which showed S state, press 3, displayed C, mean CHECK, then you want

Query of E1, E2, E3, E4 or PAUSE, began to display number, its operating procedures are as follows:

3 E1 or E2 or E3 or E4 or P display shows the number or password, when finish shows ,buzzer will”du” rang

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