125Khz RFID EM4305 T5577 Reader Writer

125Khz RFID EM4305 T5577 Reader writer




1. Red font in [ Tip ] means operation unsuccessful, contrary green font means operation successful.

2. [Conn Dev] means connect Read-Writer, this operation must do before other operation.

3. [Disc Dev] means disconnect Read-Writer.

4. [Keyboard Out] if this button is check, the software will read card end to end, after read successful, this software will out ID of the card like keyboard. If [Kb Out "Enter"] is check, software will out "ENTER" follow card ID.

5. [continuously] means [Read][Write] end to end.

6. [incrementally] means [Read][Write] end to end, and will display only one time after [Read] successful, or increase ID in edit box after [Write] successful.

7. [from file] means [Write] from file.

8. [lock card] means lock card after [Write] card, the ID of card can't modify if lock.

notice: the package not include software & sdk, please contact us to get item.


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