W86 134.2Khz FDX-B Card Reader

W86 is a small integrated card reader compatible with EMID and EM4305 standards. Its working frequency is 125Khz/134.2Khz. It is used for short-distance recognition or background card issuer management. It can be directly connected to the Android intelligent system platform through the Type-c interface. It can be plugged and inserted at will (plug and play), no external power supply is needed, and the exquisite and compact design is not only simple and convenient in use, but also stable, accurate and reliable in reading.

Working frequency125Khz&134.Khz
card reader typeEMID, FDX-B, etc.
Operating Voltage5V
Reading distance0~30mm (There will be differences due to different labels)
Card reading speed0.2s
Dimensions35mm×35mm×7mm (without interface) 71mm×71mm×19mm (packaging)
Communication InterfaceType-c
Operating temperature-20℃~70℃
Working current100mA
Card reading time<100ms
Reading distance0.5S
weight20g (net weight) 50g (including packaging)
operating systemWin XP\Win CE\Win 7\Win 10\LIUNX\Vista\Android(Test brands: Samsung, Sony, vivo, Xiaomi)
otherStatus indicator: 2-color LED (” blue ” power LED, ” green ” status indicator)
Output format: default 10 digits decimal (4 bytes), support customized output format.


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